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Ever thought about the damage your ads might do to your image?

You might think that the concept sounds workable, the deal is cheap and all seems good, but you ought to remember that things can be too good to be true. All that shines is not gold and here at Bollywood Aaina we don’t promise you gold but sure as hell a fantastic deal. We promise you deals that will cater to your products and your liking. Tweaks and changes to make sure that you get the optimum result and value for money. We cater to all kinds of audience from different states to different countries and even different continents and this can be used for the benefit of your product and company.

Place ads on Bollywood Aaina & reserve space in the minds of our visitors. At really awesome rates, you can enjoy the benefits of advertising.

Our Offer:
  • Low rates
  • High exposure
  • Strategic positioning
  • Excellent value for money
  • Sponsor satisfaction

What is Bollywood Aaina?
Bollywood Aaina is one of the top most Bollywood & entertainment Industries site. It started out in 2010 with the sole purpose of providing the best information on the hot happenings of Bollywood for our visitors.

Some Key Data:
  • Every month… over 10 million unique visitors.
  • 127 countries. 117 million page views.
  • Drawing 9+ TB bandwidth per month.
  • 849 sites linking to India FM including MSN & Yahoo!
How does advertising on Bollywood Aaina help me?
We strongly believe that Bollywood Aaina is the place to advertise your products and services if your customers fall into the above demographics. We offer excellent value to advertisers by combining an incredible amount of site traffic with surprisingly low rates. Where else can you reach a global audience for your products and services at a very reasonable cost?

You will benefit if you would like to do one or all of the following
  • Create brand awareness
  • Build corporate image
  • Generate traffic for retailing
  • Database marketing
  • Generate leads
  • Direct sales
  • Enlist global audience for a fixed cost

And yes, there's another thing. We don't charge an arm and a leg. After all, what good is a solution if it lands you in another problem - of the budgetary kind?

How Do I Go About Advertising on Bollywood Aaina?
How much does it cost to take advantage of the incredible opportunity that sponsoring Bollywood Aaina presents? Not as much as one would think. All banners are positioned throughout the site in dedicated positions. That means your advertisement will always be in front of the users of the site. We do not believe in cluttering our site with unnecessary ads thereby reducing the value of the amount spent by our sponsor.

Pay for your ad months and get Bollywood Aaina's years. We have put in years of dedicated quality work to assure you of our excellent service.

The internet advertising is not just product, pricing, place & promotion anymore. The world of e-commerce has moved ahead.

Look in our eyes and see the trust we have built over the years. With big clients profile & cutting-edge technologies, we will shape your future in the perfect way. Let our website be the gateway to your e-commerce on the net and accelerator to your future. Think about this. Give us a call....

The choice is of course yours. But we prefer to see you in a better shape and want you to grow together with us...