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Zubair Khan's contract details reveal how much money he was offered || Bigg Boss 11

By (Bollywood Aaina Network)

Bigg Boss 11 in the first week itself had its share of controversies and high voltage drama. The first contestant to get evicted from the show, Zubair Khan had a rather dramatic exit even before he was shown the door.

Zubair, who had a major showdown with the host Salman Khan in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode has been making various claims as he is now out of the house. Sallu Bhai took his class on for abusing fellow contestant Arshi Khan and continuously threatening other inmates.

So much so, that apparently Zubair took pills and fell sick inside the house, therefore he was immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment. While he was admitted, simultaneously he was ousted from the show owing to the lowest number of votes reportedly.

But now, the man in question has been bad mouthing the show and even filed a FIR against Salman for threatening him on national television. According to, Zubair revealed his contract details which clearly showed how much moolah was offered to him by the makers.

He has been quoted as saying, “The contract was of two years. I would have gotten Rs 25,000 every week. After two years, I would have gotten Rs 50,000 every month. Free ka paisa kisko bura lagta hai!”

Adding, “The contestants are mentally prepared, brainwashed. They don’t give access to any clocks or watches or TV. They get taken to 2-3 different hotels. I wasn’t getting a chance to retaliate, so I took all my pills.”


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Title: Zubair Khan's contract details reveal how much money he was offered || Bigg Boss 11
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