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BOLLYWOOD AAINA BOX OFFICE :Shivaay First day grossed 8.75 crore

By (Bollywood Aaina Network)

Shivaay grossed 8.75 crore nett apprx on day one which is a low number but its an average first day if we take into account it was pre Diwali and the mass markets where it had potential to do well were always going to struggle to collect well. Despite it being pre Diwali the better collections have still come in mass centres, the film has its best collections Rajasthan, CP Berar, CI and Bihar where both multiplexes and single screens have done well. In UP it was the single screens which did well but multiplexes did not. The problem for the film was multiplexes in places like Mumbai, Delhi and Punjab where the collections are low and these will have to come to the fore on Monday.   

The film also find it tough in mass markets over the weekend as Diwali gets closer and these key markets for the film get weaker. Despite a low number on Friday the flm will find it tough to find any growth over the weekend due to mass markets being weak though multiplexes in Mumbai, Delhi and Punjab can get gains though Diwali does affect business hugely in the North. The performance in South India is weak where traditionally Diwali has a limired affect in collections.Its going to be a wait and watch situation for the film till Monday and then that big jump will have to come. If these sort of numbers had come in a normal day then the film would practically have no chance.

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Title: BOLLYWOOD AAINA BOX OFFICE :Shivaay First day grossed 8.75 crore
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