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Ileana D’cruz saves Varun Dhawan’s Life

By (Bollywood Aaina Network)

David Dhawan’s much awaited 'Main Tera Hero' which stars Varun Dhawan, Ileana D’cruz and Nargis Fakhri is all set to offer a high octane visual extravaganza to delight its fans. In the film Varun plays the titular role, but there’s a slightly twist in the tale on the sets.

What we hear is, while shooting for one of the sequences of the film, it was Ileana D’cruz who averted a major accident .Varun Dhawan could have been seriously injured if Ileana hadn’t been attentive at that moment.

It was a sequence which required Varun to jump on the trampoline to reach Ileana’s Balcony. While shooting for the same, it started drizzling, leaving the trampoline and balcony railings extremely slippery. Ileana stopped the scene midway, to make sure that the trampoline and the railings were cleaned up and dried before their shot could be continued.

“Yes, luckily I could use my presence of mind at that moment. If he had slipped, it would have been a nasty fall and Varun could have hurt himself pretty bad.I am extremely cautious and careful when I am shooting but Varun is more impulsive and just dives into his shot which is great, but he ends up hurting himself”, said Ileana D'cruz when quizzed about her heroics.

Well, as we said Ileana was quite a Hero that day, wasn’t she? 


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Title: Ileana D’cruz saves Varun Dhawan’s Life
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